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Stack Repair and Replacement in Toronto, ON


Since 2017, Refined Home Services has been providing a diverse range of reliable services to the communities in Toronto, Ontario. As one of the few crews to be both Insinkerator certified and Better Business Bureau accredited and A+ rated, we are committed to delivering only the best experience to clients, which is why we stand by our work 100%. Part of the solutions we offer is stack repair and replacement in Toronto, ON, and nearby areas.

Understanding Stack Systems

The plumbing stack is not a common term when dealing with plumbers. However, this is a critical part of your drains and sewer system and determines how well your wastewater drains. This stack acts as a connection between your various drains and the sewer line. It usually consists of a large pipe and has three parts; the vent stack, the drain stack, and the soil stack.

The vent stack is the top part that allows air into the drainage, and it connects to the drain stack, then the soil stack comes at the bottom. Of these three parts, the critical one is the vent stack, which controls air pressure in the drains. If it gets clogged, the drains will not have enough force to push down the wastewater. This is what leads to slow drainage in your sink and toilet.

Common Plumbing Stack Problems

The most prevalent issue with your stack is clogging. Since the vent usually protrudes from the top of the house, there is a high risk of foreign material like dirt and leaves getting into the tube. You can also block the vent by flushing giant wands of tissue, female sanitary products, and other large items that do not dissolve in water. Wear and tear, corrosion, leaks, and rust also affect your stack systems and require specialized attention from our experts at Refined Home Services.

Signs Repairs Are Needed

Some common signs that show the need for stack repair are:

  • Slow drainage
  • Foul smell
  • Dry toilet tank
  • Gurgling noises

Whenever you encounter these signs, you need to contact our specialists as soon as possible. We discourage DIY repairs since you may fumble around and fail to locate the exact location of the blockage. However, our experts at Refined Home Services will analyze the system and use their expertise to solve the problem quickly and effectively.

When Is Replacement a Better Option?

If you get frequent drainage problems that do not end even after constant repairs, we recommend considering a replacement. Replacing a faulty stack will ensure fast and efficient drainage and give you peace of mind. You will also cut the cost of constant repairs that only last a short while.

Count on the Experts in the Local Area

Contact us at Refined Home Services when you need stack repair or replacement. Feel free to call us or fill out the form today. We look forward to working with you.

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