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There are a number of underground pipe problems we encounter in the local area that can only be solved via direct contact with the pipe. This necessitates our plumbers to use excavation. However, the decision comes as the last option since we do not like destroying your manicured lawn through digging. Nevertheless, Refined Home Services is an expert when it comes to excavation in Toronto, ON, and the surrounding areas.

Common Issues That Require Excavation

As stated above, not all situations require us to excavate the lines to repair them. However, the following instances may necessitate this process to happen:

  • Aged sewer lines
  • Extensive corrosion
  • Presence of critical utility lines next to the sewer pipes
  • Severe clogging
  • Collapsed lines
  • Root intrusion

Main Causes of Sewer Damage

No matter how careful you are or the quality of the pipes you have, you will encounter some sewer issues at one time or another. The most common causes of such problems are misusing the drainage system and using harsh chemicals when cleaning. Harsh chemicals corrode the lines, thus weakening them and shortening their lifespan.

When you allow hair, large food particles, sanitary products, soap pieces, and dirt into your drainage, they form clogs in your sewer pipes. This will lead to slow drainage and sewage backup. Other causes of sewer problems are lack of maintenance and not scheduling frequent professional cleaning.

Benefits of Excavation

Though excavation interferes with your compound or driveway, it has perks that make it worthwhile.

  • A clear view of the pipe's damage
  • Precision in repairs
  • Guarantees long-lasting solutions

Our experts have the required skill set and tools, as well as accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. Therefore, all our work is above standard and guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.



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